Is your Data Safe in the Cloud

Voltaire’s quote has never been truer.  Security is a hotter topic than ever before – from the largest to the smallest organisation.

Cloud based services are providing access to processing and storage capabilities at a blistering pace and at a cost that nobody would have envisaged even five years ago.

IT departments used to control the provision…

Why NoSQL Doesn’t Mean SQL is Dead

Despite the fact that NoSQL has been around for quite some time, there are still a lot of misunderstandings surrounding it—due in no small part to its misleading name.  And these misconceptions need to be cleared up for the simple reason that NoSQL isn’t going anywhere.
What is NoSQL?
NoSQL is an umbrella term for a number of differing technologies used to…


Gameover ZeuS 
The US Department of Justice announced global collaborations today to disrupt the operations of the GameoverZeuS (a.k.a. GOZeuS, a.k.a. P2PZeuS) botnet.

This Virus is responsible for hundreds of millions of pounds worth of theft and fraud worldwide, used often in parallel with CryptoLocker.

Operation “Tovar”, an international public-private collaboration involving security companies, law enforcement agencies, and the public aims at disrupting…

Why Hadoop is Set to Explode in 2014

Big data is big news, and a big part of that is the every growing interest in and applications for Apache Hadoop (known
more commonly as just “Hadoop”).

Hadoop isn’t fresh on the scene—it was created in 2005—but it’s been gathering steam and seems set to hit critical mass this year.  So what is Hadoop, why is it important, and why is it…

Cyber Attack on Ebay – What should you do?

Five Simples Steps from Ntegra
In light of the recent cyber-attack on ebay, Ntegra has put together five simple steps to follow to ensure your account is not compromised.

Step 1 – Password Change – Immediately change your password. See our recommendations on strong passwords.

Step 2 – Change other accounts using the same credentials – If you use the same username…

Ntegra Pledge £10k for NEW Innovation Fund

Ntegra has launched a brand new Innovation Fund for ICT educational services in Berkshire, open to all secondary schools in the county, which will be open for entry from 1st May 2014. £10,000 has been allocated to develop inventive and ground-breaking ideas from students that advance educational goals through the use of technology.
Ntegra Launch Innovation Fund For ICT Educational Services

Local MP ‘Buddies’ up with Ntegra

Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury and former Government Minister, has spent the day with local independent and IT consultancy, Ntegra, as part of the local ‘Business Buddy’ Pilot scheme. The aim of the scheme is to improve politicians’ understanding of their local businesses and the challenges they have to address in the wider context of promoting economic growth.

Richard visited the…

KM Roles: What are Knowledge Managers

Knowledge management, and the key roles which are required for effective knowledge management, aren’t new.  These concepts are, however, being recognised and implemented in new, more formal ways.  Information as a commodity is also an old concept, but the power it wields in today’s marketplace is increasing as access to, and the ability to gather, store, and share it grow.…

Heartbleed Vulnerability Should Be On Every CXO’s Mind

Ntegra provide professional consultancy and IT support services in Somerset and Berkshire, providing clients with comprehensive and cost effective solutions that meets their demanding business needs.

Heartbleed Vulnerability Should Be On Every CXO’s Mind
For over 2 years the Heartbleed vulnerability has been in the wild. How many more vulnerabilities of this kind are out there?

Sleeper Agents Vs Sleeper Hackers
Clever hackers will…

Musings on the Financial Calendar

Between January and now, I’ve been working at Ntegra on their apprentice scheme in Newbury. As a newcomer to the wide world of business, I’ve discovered several interesting things about how money is handled in the corporate environment. It seems to do quite well for itself throughout all the year, rewarding good work, encouraging development, promoting growth etc. But as soon…