What are Communities of Practice?

Ntegra provide professional IT consultancy services, providing clients with comprehensive and cost effective solutions that meet their demanding business needs.

Being able to share information with the right people at the right time is at least as vital as being able to accumulate that information to begin with.  Effectively disseminating information within and between organisations is known as knowledge management, and…

Why Communities of Interest are Important in KM

Knowledge management is an increasingly important field as information itself becomes ever-more-widely recognised as one of the most valuable commodities in business.  As more innovative ways of communicating become available, there are greater opportunities for community building and knowledge sharing.  When organisations strive to integrate their knowledge management strategies with enterprise social media networking, this become especially apparent.

The Contribution of Enterprise Social Media Networking to Knowledge…

Simple steps to security with big gains: Are your passwords secure?

Many people fail to use complex passwords or when they do they write them down or use the same passwords across many accounts and fail to change them regularly,  If you do come up with a complex password how do you remember it?

Why have a complex password?
Passwords are the first line of defence, possibly the only form of defence against…

Storage and Big Data – the application of intelligent analytics

Ntegra provide are range of services including IT consultancy and management as well as high quality ICT educational services in Berkshire and Somerset, giving advice, expertise & managed services which has been built over 10 years’ service to some of the UK leading commercial organisations.
Managing Storage And Big Data
Data has and always will be one of the most valuable resources…

The Innovative Organisation

What do we mean by Innovation
Before we engage in a wider discussion about it, maybe it is worth giving some thought to what we mean by innovation.  As a term it is much used, often abused and frequently misunderstood.   At Ntegra, being innovative is not a single technique or process – you will discover as you progress through this paper…

Ntegra Apprenticeship Scheme

Learn from the Best in the Business!
Ntegra has recently taken on two new apprentices at its Taunton office. This is part of their recently launched apprenticeship scheme for their Regional Competency Centre in the town. The aim of the scheme is to encourage young people to gain quality work experience whilst continuing to study and gain qualifications.
 CEO Andy Davies, says…

Social Mobile Big Data in Charities & 3RD Sector

SoMoBiDa- The Confluence of Social, Mobile & Big Data

Over the last 10 years there have been many attempts to find a silver bullet that will help organisations become more efficient and effective – often via the removal of organisational silos and the introduction of business social tools.  In addition, there has been a significant appetite to derive benefit from vast…

Are You Ready for Mobilisation?

It was recently reported that over 1 billion smartphones were shipped last year and tablet sales for 2014 are forecast at 285 Million devices, the same volume as new PC sales. 

The number of social media sites with over quarter of a million users has grown to over 500, with more than 1 billion people using these sites daily.

Businesses are continually…

The Value of Enterprise Quality ICT in Education

Ntegra provide high quality ICT educational services in Berkshire and Somerset, giving advice, expertise & managed services which has been built over 10 years’ service to some of the UK leading commercial organisations.
The Value Of Enterprise Quality In ICT Educational Services
Information technology is a critical element of almost every type of organisation in today’s society, whether this is banking, telecommunication…

BI: Intro to ETL

The collection and storage of massive amounts of data have become easier and more efficient than ever before, and information, of course, is power.  Harnessing that power, however, requires much more than simply gathering and storing information.  It requires the ability to process it, to understand the implications, to detect patterns and relationships.  Business intelligence is designed to harness the…