Knowledge for IT Leaders

Ntegra Greenside organises a fully facilitated annual research tour to Silicon Valley as well as a European tour and other seminars and events providing access to technology companies making the headlines allowing, delegates to gain a comprehensive understanding of market developments.

The latest Silicon Valley tour has just completed its 20th year and continues to offer meetings with key vendors, investors and thought leaders in Silicon Valley to gain first hand experience and expert opinion of how innovative technologies are being used for business advantage.

An important element of all our programmes is the opportunity for delegates to share new ideas and experiences with peers from different and diverse organisations.


We run a number of Advice and Thought Provoking events throughout the year aimed at providing information on disruptive technologies and the value they deliver. Our seminar programme looks at both verticals, Telecommunications, and horizontals such as Security & Privacy.


We publish regular insights and an annual review of the emerging and disruptive technology marketplace. Our insights provide clients with the knowledge they need to be able to transform and develop their business.


We provide a unique research programme where we undertake direct requests from clients for independent research on specific technologies and their impacts as well as specific market developments, such as the impact of the Internet of Things on the retail sector.