A roundup of disruptive technology-related topics and vendors our CIO, Andy Jefferies has found interesting.  

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Ambient.AI is a SaaS platform that monitors video (CCTV) feeds, using AI to analyse activity in real-time. Don’t be put off by recent news about governance and ethical use of facial recognition – their value proposition is contextually processing events in real-time, and they don’t offer facial recognition services. There are dozens of patterns they can monitor for, including safety use-cases such as fall or accident detection, plus security use-cases such as entry gate tailgating, unauthorised object removal, attempted door entry, and so on. Why is this interesting? Well, currently building managers or CCTV and security service providers can only monitor so much in real-time – most is a reactive or posthumous investigation. This tech offers serious enhancements and efficiencies on manual monitoring services, so it could lead to significant new and improved use cases being developed, or disruption to service providers through insourcing or competition on the market. 


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