European Technology Summit 2019 – The Netherlands

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Are you frustrated trying to cut through the Innovation hyperbole and figure out how to make Innovation actually happen?


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We totally get it.  Innovation by nature entails a degree of ambiguity, but how can that be compatible with the rigour in which you run your business?


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Some of the companies that attend our events:


Get rid of your crystal ball


You can keep abreast of technological developments by engaging with our programme and attending our summits within the worlds-leading Innovation eco-systems.

Not only will you get a much-needed adrenaline shot of tech, but you will also hear insights from thought leaders and from peers on how to actually Innovate and how to use the technological innovation of others to transform your business.


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After attending our European summit, you will


1. Gain awareness of the Dutch Innovation eco-system, and how you can engage for co-development and experimentation

2. Meet founders and executives from more than ten promising technology startups, many of which can help with your strategic objectives and challenges

3. Hear from several institutions and authorities to learn about technological trends early in the maturity curve and how these will develop and be exploited in business

4. Make meaningful acquaintances with other IT executives and senior professionals, adding to your network of go-to ‘critical friends’



“Thank you to Ntegra for such a well organised, packed Israel itinerary. I found the trip incredibly useful in helping me to understand and immerse myself in the Israeli tech scene and meet such a wide variety and range of start-ups in a very busy four days. The attention to detail across every aspect of the trip allowed me to focus on the content and nothing was too much effort for the Ntegra team in an effort to deliver the best possible experience.”

Célia Pronto, Chief Customer and Digital Officer Casual Dining Group


“Working with Innovation@Ntegra is a window into a world of tech innovation for me. Often I find myself with my head down dealing with all the day to day issues of running a large IT operation, but my trips with Ntegra are a chance to lift my head and see what is happening at the cutting edge of technology. Those trips then spark off a number of PoC’s each year which lead us to try out the technology ourselves with expert assistance from Ntegra. The relationship with Ntegra is very valuable to me.”

Richard McGrail, CIO Baillie Gifford


This summit is right for you if…

• You are an executive or senior IT or business professional

• You recognize innovation is not just for longer-term development and exploitation of emerging technologies, but also that you can attain competitive advantage by leveraging other peoples innovations for solving business problems today

• You are thinking of, or you’re trying to innovate – whether you want to be disruptive, or you want to defend against disruption

• You have a growth mindset and want an efficient way to invest in discovering unique insights and inspiration



About your curator and host, Andy Jefferies

Andy is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ntegra, a leading Digital Consulting and Managed Services organisation located in the UK.

Apart from being an entrepreneur in his own right, Andy has been working extensively with tech startups, Venture Capitalists, and Innovation institutions across the globe.

He invests his energy in bringing together the complex needs of Enterprises (his background in Enterprise IT Operations) with this dynamic Innovation culture to make Innovation actually happen.

Why go Dutch?

Good question. Our two-day European summits enable us to visit different European innovation hubs to find out what differentiates them and see what interesting startups we can discover – whether you have a specific interest in the region or not.

Here’s a statement from Marjolein Geus, a partner in Bird & Bird’s office in the Hague:

‘The high level of education, entrepreneurship and creativity put the Dutch in a frontrunner position in terms of innovation. The Netherlands has a long history of innovation in technology and digital transformations, for example, Philips, ASML, NXP, Adyen, and Wetransfer originated in The Netherlands. Today, the Netherlands holds several conglomerates of international startup communities in Amsterdam, The Hague, Enschede and Eindhoven open to collaboration and exchange of expertise. This creates interesting opportunities.”


Your agenda

We have pulled together an agenda containing insights and technology with broad appeal.  All participants are picked based on interest and merit.

Wednesday 30th October 2019 – Arrivals day

We begin your experience from your arrival at Schipol airport with pre-paid 1st class train tickets to Den Haag (The Hague).  From here, our hotel for the summit, Hotel Babylon is a short 5-minute walk from the station. Do let us know if you’re not travelling light, and we will be happy to arrange transfer by car for you.


20:00 – Meet and greet dinner

We like to kick things off with an informal dinner, so we can let you know how things will run during the summit, and give delegates the chance to relax after their travels and to get to know each other before the business programme commences in the morning.


Thursday 31st October 2019 – Day 1, The Hague

08:00 – Transfer to Bird & Bird

Meet in the hotel lobby and we depart for our partners’ Bird & Birds offices on Zuid Hollandplein, a short distance from the hotel.


08:30 – Morning insights session

Introductions and welcome from Feyo Sickinghe, Regulatory Counsel and Marjolein Geus, Partner at Bird & Bird.  Our partners Bird & Bird have helped us curate the agenda, and will give us a short speech on the local eco-system.


Dr Eduardo Barbaro – Lead Data Scientist IBM Benelux presents ‘Big data and AI reshaping the business world: behold the data-driven movement!’
In this talk, Eduardo will explain the origins of AI and touch upon some of the reasons companies struggle with implementing it today. Find out how it started as well as what are we doing with AI right now. Eduardo will show some practical examples of companies utilising AI to gain competitive advantage and better understand their customers and their products. At the end of the talk, we will speculate together about the future of AI and some less discussed applications.
The analysis of data from different sources is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, relevant data is often too sensitive to be casually shared with others. How can organizations share information securely without revealing any underlying data of a sensitive nature? We hear from Daniel Worm on how TNO is helping to resolve this problem by developing innovative and secure techniques based on Secure Multi-Party Computation.


10:45 – Morning showcase session



Blockchain use case – TBC.
Jeannot Bos from AxionIQ talks about event driven architecture, and how AxonIQ’s framework and platform improve business agility.


13:00 – Afternoon showcase session

Startup presentations


15:30 – Afternoon Ntegra picks session

We are delighted to include a selection of early to market UK companies.

Iotic’s patented secure Interoperable Ecosystem is a lightweight cloud-hosted middleware capability.  John Hicklin and Mark Wharton talk about the Iotic Digital twin, and how they help enterprises make sense of Digital transformation.

Matt Rule from Tocabot talks about next generation Intelligent Automation.



Additional presenter TBC
Debrief discussion followed by return to the hotel



19:30 – Dinner

We are joined for dinner by several of our speakers.

Friday 1st November 2019 – Day 2, Amsterdam

08:00 – Transfer to Rockstart

We meet in the hotel lobby to depart for Rockstart in central Amsterdam. Rockstart is one of Europe’s first accelerators, and it focuses on four domains – Energy, Health, AgriFood, and Emerging technologies. They provide startups with access to the market, to capital, community, and expertise by connecting them to partners, investors and mentors and the wider Rockstart network.


09:00 – Morning insights session

Introductions and keynote from Rockstart – why enterprises engage with startups.  Success stories and tips for companies to get ahead with early stage development.


10:45 – Morning showcase session

Smart releasing for enterprise DevOps with Nico Vierhout from
Botsquad chatbot platform with Anne Bakker


13:00 – Afternoon showcase session

Introducing Edgeinfra – Micro datacenters at the ultra local edge of fixed and mobile network infrastructure in Europe. 

V-ID, a young but growing scale-up on using blockchain to protect documents and other digital assets, such as IoT data. 
Further startup presentations TBC


14:45 – Afternoon demo session

Alex Dowdalls, founder and Partner at AXVECO.  

Alex Dowdalls will take the audience on a journey looking at how two key technologies are being applied in innovative projects in The Netherlands.  Firstly we will look at blockchain, its key features and how this is being used for innovative applications.  Secondly we will look at new applications of machine learning and how to build a model quickly using new techniques, which is being pioneered in applications within the Netherlands.  The attendees will be able to create an account on the AI tool and explore the innovative possibilities themselves


Closing debrief, and depart for the airport

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