Israel Research Tour 4th – 8th November 2018

4th – 8th November 2018


Our annual research programme comprises two major events each year, our Silicon Valley Research Tour in May and our European Tour in the Autumn. However, this year I am delighted to announce the initial programme for our first Israel Research Tour which will deliver a different, fresh perspective to our clients.

We have run our annual US Research Tour for 22 years, and our European Research Tour for 5, and during that time have introduced tour delegates to hundreds of technology companies, many of whom have gone on to become major disruptors, transforming businesses around the world.

Why Israel?


Israel is one of the most interesting technology-centric economies in the world – listed below are insights into the size and scale of what you will experience:

Israel ranks 4th globally in scientific research (measured via number of publications) with expenditure on technology and scientific R&D being amongst the highest in the world
It has the highest number of scientists and technologists per capita of any country in the world (140 per 10K employees, compared to 88 per 10K employee in the US).
In 2017 The World Economic Forum named Israel as the one of the 10 most influential tech based economies in the world
Israel has the second largest start-up scenes and supporting ecosystem in the world, again second only to Silicon Valley



This event is now complete. Visit our summary here.

Supported by

We are continuing our partnership with Bird & Bird. Bird & Bird are one of the world’s most successful international law firms with a focus on organisations being impacted by technology. In addition, we are working in partnership with Barnea & Co. Barnea are a leading Israeli law firm with extensive international experience. Their intimate knowledge of the technology ecosystem has helped us access for your benefit the best VC’s and most interesting technology companies in Israel today.

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