World Technology Tour In A Day – 15th October 2020

This event has now passed.  Please see our resources section for access to the recording.


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Can emerging, technology start-ups drive truly transformational efficiencies in the enterprise?

Join us for a day of discovery from world-leading start-up ecosystems with our first World Technology Tour In A Day.

Meet technology start-ups committed to transformational efficiencies in enterprise operations

We are witnessing an acceleration in digital transformation as organisations take decisive action to achieve efficiencies and resilience in their post COVID operations.   Organisations are discovering their ability to move at speed whilst maintaining control and are therefore receptive to technology solutions that will help them digitally re-master legacy operations.

The theme for this year’s autumn summit is therefore the efficiency potential of emerging technology.   We have identified specific startups, from 3 different innovation hot spots, who will provoke your thinking about the potential for quantum efficiencies in your back-office.

What You Need To Know

Summit Objectives

The objective of this summit is to discover early to market start-ups with the potential to deliver material and sustained efficiencies to your business.    In addition,  attendees will gain insights from peers who are equally interested in achieving efficiency through back-office transformation.

What is a Pop-Up Event?

We want to continue to provide our attendees with the personal, interactive, and informal meeting experience whilst protecting everyone’s health.   The pop-up event is a unique meeting format mixing virtual and in-person interaction across multiple locations.   Attendees are invited to a local venue where they join other local attendees in a comfortable and socially distanced setting.   Discussions will be facilitated locally whilst presenters and other local hubs connect by video.   We believe, in this way, we can offer you the hospitality you have come to expect from an Ntegra event whilst ensuring we continue to connect you with people of interest around the world.

Who Should Attend?

All Ntegra peer events are intended for senior decision makers who wish to exchange ideas amongst colleagues and subject matter experts whilst discovering promising emerging technology.  This event will be particularly well suited to CIOs, COOs,  heads of back-office functions or those entrusted to lead significant business transformation initiatives.    These events are not open to sales people and you can expect to interact with peers from other regions and industries as well as Foundering Executives of emerging technology companies.

What Can You Expect?

As an attendee you should expected to benefit from:

• Substantive presentations from the leadership of emerging technology companies

• A relaxed and informal environment to share and challenge ideas amongst your peers and subject matter experts

• Meaningful professional connections with qualified individuals

• Hospitality within a comfortable and private setting.

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