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How do I source transformational digital innovation in Enterprise?

Disruptive technology can have a transformational impact on business efficiencies, digital transformations, and innovation. We help our clients deliver this change through the extensive relationships we have with the major global startup ecosystems.

Over the past 20 years, Innovation @ Ntegra have built extensive relationships with several global startup ecosystems. We couple this access with our digital and transformation expertise, to help our clients source, experiment, and implement emerging and disruptive technologies.


Although recognising the need for innovation, enterprises struggle to bridge the gap between ‘the lab’ and daily operations.


Your business needs the flexibility to deliver new services your customers expect, anticipate or respond to competitors and yet maintain a continual drive for efficiencies. Innovative technology can have a game-changing impact in these efforts, yet organisational complexities are preventing turning theory into actual innovations and business benefits.


The common problems our clients face within their innovation strategy include:

Finding real innovation that is right for your business: With over 5000 new venture backed startups in H1 of 2020 in the US alone identifying the ones that will make a difference to your organisation requires a deep knowledge of both the ecosystems and the technology itself

Integration and production complexities: Taking what can be sound theoretical concepts and actually embedding them into your existing architecture and day to day operations to deliver real value

Time & Cost Wastage: Zeroing in on best of breed technology that is right for your business in a constantly changing startup environment requires an investment of time and resources. This is even more challenging when alongside dealing with BAU operational issues

Working with startups as an enterprise: A startup can have a very different perspective from it’s enterprise customer when it comes to regulatory, security and compliance requirements.


We have developed a range of solutions which we use to continually power our clients’ digital innovation agenda




We have built an extensive network with start up ecosystems in Silicon Valley, Israel and Europe. This reach forms a unique part of our work by providing early insight into technological developments and market trends. It gives us the ability to both solve problems and ideate on new opportunities using the innovations from these startups.
We run a quarterly cadence of exclusive briefings and roundtable discussions, bringing together senior leaders from enterprise, founders from promising startups and our expert curation and facilitation. Our flagship Silicon Valley event provides an annual adrenalin shot of innovation to fuel your R&D backlog and drive your strategic planning.

Tech Radar


Technology startups can have a role to play in both solving business problems and enabling innovation. Our bespoke tech radar service refreshes at the pace suited to you and tracks technology startups according to your R&D agenda and capable of meeting your business needs across four quadrants; Business Sytems, Data & AI, Cyber Security, and Software Development, Cloud & Infrastructure. We source, explain, and help you explore and qualify the relevance of each startup. We then facilitate a continual pipeline of assessment and feedback to drive more targeted experimentation, learning and production adoption.



Turning strategic theories into deep understanding and business plans is prohibitively costly and difficult to cover all bases. We work with our clients to develop shared strategic agendas and then form and manage cross-enterprise R&D consortia. Innovators, business professionals and engineers come together under our expert facilitation to learn and build common assets and address strategic challenges.

Benefits in engaging with our Innovation programme

Events are by invitation only. For the basic monthly subscription, Early Adopter Programme subscribers enjoy:

• Automatic enrolment on our premium events for two delegates.

• Personalised tech radar pack of startups of interest, with major releases on a quarterly cadence.

• Access to our back catalogue of technology startups with ongoing access to market insight.

• Monthly workshops to pro-actively align your business needs and inform your agenda.

• Facilitated engagement with startups of interest and deep-dive assessments.


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