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How do I leverage innovation in the Enterprise?

Subscribe to our flexible Applied Innovation Programme to access insights and disruptive technology from the worlds leading innovation ecosystems.


Although recognising the need for innovation, enterprises struggle to bridge the gap from ‘the lab’ and day to day operations.

Your business needs the flexibility to deliver new services, anticipate or respond to competitors and a continual drive for efficiencies. Innovative technology can have a game-changing impact in these efforts, yet organisational constraints are preventing turning theory into actual innovations and business benefit.

Common problems our customers see include:

What? Lack of awareness of new technology

Why? Unable to quantify the strategic mission and business benefit

When? Focus on BAU and limited to no bandwidth to embrace new technologies

How? Perceived compliance constraints, and unknown hidden risks and complexities


Our Applied Innovation Programme gives you access to emerging technology and the accompanying insights on exploiting them.

We have built an extensive set of relationships with tier 1 Venture Capitalists, incubators and accelerators and innovation institutions through over 20 years of engagement with Silicon Valley and more recently with European and the Israeli innovation and startup ecosystems. We bring this to you in the form of our Emerging Technology platform, enabling instant access to to a rich dataset of startups and accompanying insights. 


Quickly qualify technology in or out with a consistent Proof of Concept experience.

Our Proof of Concept as a Service is powered by one of the innovative technologies we continually discover and leverage for ourselves and our clients.

Pose us a question, problem or hypothesis, and we will source innovative solutions – either from our emerging technology platform, from the PoC marketplace, from our extended network, or BYOV (bring your own vendors). We can then help you simultaneously compare performance through a structured process and platform, empowering you with clear metrics and insights about integration and adoption.


Engage with innovators around the globe.

We bring our clients directly to the heart of these ecosystems for an immersive technology research experience, to drive strategic thinking and to seek competitive advantage today from disruptive, emerging technologies.  

We also use our extensive relationships to support Corporate Venture establishment and activity, or R&D programmes.


Benefits in engaging with our Applied Innovation Programme.

For the basic monthly subscription you get:

1. Access our back catalogue of technology startups with ongoing access to market insight

2. Monthly micro-workshops to pro-actively align to your business needs

3. Personalised monthly research pack, incorporating:

  • Horizon scanning of startups with applicable propositions

  • Ecosystem reports relevant to your sector and subject areas

  • Vendor spotlight


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