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Our Mission

We help IT Leaders stay current, and we innovate and solve problems through introduction to novel technologies and through leveraging our Agile and Design Thinking methods.

We continually research and scan the horizon for the latest technological innovation, to help our clients stay current, and to give them early adopter advantage opportunity.

Research Tours

Our flagship Silicon Valley May event (now in it’s 23rd year) is accompanied by an Autumn European tour.  Our Executive and Senior Leader delegates call our events their ‘adrenalin shot’ of innovation.

5 Reasons you should attend

  1. The most efficient way to stay abreast of technological developments and trends
  2. See new technology early and ahead of the adoption curve
  3. See tech vendors based on merit, not on $ paid to the host
  4. Expand your peer network of ‘critical friends’
  5. Get skilled follow-on PoC support to quickly validate or discount new tech


Innovation Lab

Using Design Thinking and Agile techniques, we can solve a variety of use cases – quickly.

Whether you are looking for creative ways to solve a business or technology problem, or you want to independently validate and prove a specific technology, we can get you results fast.

Our Lab Sprints offer a fully facilitated accelerated problem-solving method. They operate on the basis of a “lock-in” for 3 to 5 days where attendees from IT, the business and vendors work together in a rapid succession of incremental problem-solving exercises.  We will research technology solutions, facilitate the sprint, and inject specific Subject Matter Expertise to help your teams innovate and solve problems.

Executive Advisory Programme (EAP)

EAP is our exclusive programme for Executives which provides additional benefits and priority access.

We will customise your EAP subscription to fit your exact needs.

EAP members can access bespoke research services, commission exclusive single company research events targeted to their vertical and their business priorities, enjoy flexible use of consulting hours, and even use us to broker your startup and technology vendor dialogue.

Customer stories

We work cross sector, for both mid-market and large enterprises

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