Planning a data centre migration?

At Ntegra, we understand that data centre migration projects can be difficult to conduct, we believe comprehensive project planning is critical to success. In our checklist we have identified key areas to consider at each stage of the project delivery process that are important for your change programme or project to follow to ensure that your migration is a success with minimal disruption to your business.

The comprehensive data centre migration checklist we have put together will help you drive the planning for every stage of the project, the areas we cover are:

  • Preparation; Carefully define your business reasons for the migration
  • Data; Gain an understanding of your current environment and ensure you can plan with up to date and accurate information.
  • Capability; Define the architecture, operations and hosting model for the new data centre.
  • Planning & Execution; Consider creating a backlog of migration sprints so you don’t have to boil the ocean. start with some low hanging fruit to smoke test the receiving data centre and approach.
  • Review; Aside from your usual retro or lessons learnt exercise, consider what other tangible benefits you have helped deliver.

To download a copy of the planning checklist please complete the form with your details and get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can support your project.

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