“52% of senior IT Executives said Legacy systems are the largest barrier to digital transformation”

 – Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey


Every business is embracing the vast amount of new technology available to engage with customers and work more effectively. As digital strategies mature, organisations are now needing to refocus on the technical debt that has amassed and reduce the inertia that this creates to transformation plans.

Key Challenges We Can Help With

  • A lack of clarity on your IT estate with unreliable management information 

  • Incomplete strategy and no business case for investment in legacy – there is a heritage but with no plan to maintain or transform 

  • Internal knowledge and skills deficit on legacy systems and lack of clarity on appropriate mitigation strategies 

  • Untapped potential in legacy due to system age and perceived risks



Manage the size of the digital transformation gap with Ntegra’s expertise and innovative tooling.

Gain control of your legacy estate, with data driven planning and appropriately sized investment to allow transformation to continue and manage the risks to an acceptable level

How We Can Support You

Rapid Systems Discovery

Strategy Planning & Change Management

Sweat the Legacy

Legacy Care Home

Dynamic IT Asset Inventory

CMDB seeding and enrichment

Event Analytics

Co-Location & PAAS

Application Dependency Mapping

Classification, Categorisation & Design

Intelligent Process Automation

Tuning & Remediation

Why Invest in Legacy Estate Management?

Identify & Reduce Risk

Map Dependencies to Increase Agility

Comprehensive strategy coverage

Reduce Reliance on Scarce Skillsets

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