We continually adapt and pivot as a business, exploiting innovation for the needs of our customers. We use insights gained through our Innovation programme, which provides us with access to trailblazing vendors, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators and thought leaders ahead of the curve.


We are a people centric business, encouraging individuality and creative expression. Our people are innovative, straightforward, professional, friendly and open. They also happen to be experts in Technology, Business Transformation, and Programme Delivery.


We focus on enabling clients to maximise the value of their IT and processes, leaving you with enhanced capability. We ensure new skills and techniques remain with you long after we are gone, giving you the choice to further engage with us or become self sufficient.

We engage in the way that’s best for you


We can help you plug the capability gaps. Our people have years of experience in the skills you need: masters of their specialisms.


We can be the ‘glue’ between your teams and external vendors. Avoid the capacity dips and stay off the critical path.


We outperform traditional outsource models, with flexible hybrid models which augment your in-house capability.

Our People

“…you don’t employ all the smart people.” a wise thought leader once said.

We can all claim to have the best people, but what sets Ntegra apart is that we are specialists first, and consultants second.  Whether we have a project management, engineering or business change background, we have all founded our careers in business and technology trades and moved into consulting from there.  This allows us to be more client centric.  It also means we’re not robots, or burned out consultants, and we will build genuine individual relationships with our stakeholders doing things we enjoy.

Our Approach

Every IT problem exists in a business context.

We apply our extensive experience to truly understand all the parameters that impact a successful outcome for you, for example your decision making processes, culture and governance, because a technical solution is only effective when it is actually implemented and adopted.

It’s why we never assume that the way we’ve done it before will be the best way for you.

Our Commercial success does not rely on our clients becoming dependent on us, rather we’ve built our success on enhancing the capability of our customers, who then never hesitate to recommend us.

Our independent team of experts are completely impartial to your transformation agenda and technology, which often includes working as part of a team with other suppliers, including big SIs, with a single minded determination to ensure you get the maximum value and most successful outcome from the project.

Our approach is a unique combination of deep expertise and being nimble enough to deliver the right thing at the right time in the right way for you.

Our flexible pool of staff and associates means we have access to the best person for your requirement and can scale up or down quickly. Our engagements are flexible too: fixed prices, deliverable or outcome based commercials; time and materials or retainer based engagements; managed services and hybrid operating models are all in a days work.