We work with a wide range of customers,
who have a broad spectrum of requirements and circumstance.

We know that sometimes…

you don’t have the right expertise or can’t allocate the right resources to make informed decisions and the desired progress.

defining your exact requirements are hard, due to complex dependencies, moving targets and multiple stakeholders.

the wheel needs to be changed with the car still moving! Your business operations have to continue while you deliver at pace.

complex transformations require multiple vendors, teams and areas of expertise.

you need help managing or assuring your vendors performance, and managing your dependencies and obligations.

sometimes things just go wrong, and you need to change approach and hit the reset button.

We engage in the way that’s best for you


We can help you plug the capability gaps. Our people have years of experience in the skills you need: masters of their specialisms.


We can be the ‘glue’ between your teams and external vendors. Avoid the capacity dips and stay off the critical path.


We outperform traditional outsource models, with flexible hybrid models which augment your in-house capability.


Our bread and butter.

We continually adapt and pivot as a business, exploiting innovation for the needs of our customers.

We use insights gained through our Greenside programme, which provides us with access to trailblazing vendors, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators and thought leaders ahead of the curve.


The main ingredient.

We are a people centric business, encouraging individuality and creative expression.

Our people are innovative, straightforward, professional, friendly and open. They also happen to be experts in IT.


Our secret sauce.

We focus on enabling clients to maximise the value of their IT and processes, leaving you with enhanced capability.

We ensure new skills and techniques remain with you long after we are gone, giving you the choice to further engage with us or become self sufficient.

Nice things our clients have said about us

“The extent of Ntegra's knowledge is endless, Ntegra have added real value to our IT strategy and it enabled us to present it with real clout!”

Mel Buchanan
Facilities Manager

“I can say with some certainty that the project would not have met its delivery milestones without Ntegra’s expertise”

Simon Griffiths
Group Head of BI Technology at Vodafone

“I'd like to thank Ntegra for the substantial positive impact they had on our network analytics project. The project was in danger of missing its narrow window of opportunity. We brought in Ntegra for their project management and infrastructure skills, and they made an immediate impact and brought the infrastructure stream back on track.”

Simon Griffiths
Group Head of BI Technology at Vodafone

“Our Ntegra Programme Manager was contracted to deliver a high profile, regulatory software solution for the Vodafone Group within all our European markets.  He is one of the most accomplished Programme Manager's I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Jayne Kemp
Billing Solutions Opportunity Manager

“Our Ntegra Programme Manager was meticulous with planning and budgeting throughout.  He managed complex multi-country governance, securing a cost effective solution approach with our existing vendors.”

Jayne Kemp
Billing Solutions Opportunity Manager

“I was pleasantly surprised to find Ntegra's planning and budgeting approach very thorough. The management of personalities has been effective, the management style is with Vodafone's best interests in mind. Our Ntegra Project Manager's tenacity has been instrumental in getting us to our first Group delivery.”

Jayne Kemp
Billing Solutions Opportunity Manager

“The development and delivery approach has meant careful management of sprints with associated risk and issues tracking.  Having delivered in-line with all expectations, I highly recommend Ntegra and hope to continue to work with them over the coming year.”

Jayne Kemp
Billing Solutions Opportunity Manager

“...I have subscribed to Ntegra’s Executive Advisory Programme (EAP) for three years.  During that time I have participated in a number of Ntegra's Research Tours and visited technology hubs in Europe as well as Silicon Valley.   The technology I have seen provides valuable insight into wider technology trends that has influenced my strategic thinking as well as given us the potential to take ‘first mover’ advantage on some of the early to market companies we meet.   Also, EAP has given me the ability to define internal processes for Innovation as well as looking at managing change across our Leadership Team…”

Paul Tennant
IT Director

“Working with Ntegra/Greenside is a window onto a world of tech innovation for me. Often I find myself with my head down dealing with all the day to day issues of running a large IT operation, but my trips with Ntegra/Greenside are a chance to lift my head and see what is happening at the cutting edge of technology. Those trips then spark off a number of PoCs each year which lead us to try out the technology ourselves with expert assistance from NG. The relationship with NG is very valuable to me.”

Richard McGrail
IT Partner

Some of our clients